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Our music curriculum at Trinity Christian School, first and foremost, puts God at the center of the incredible gift He has given called music.  We strive to help our students love God and love others through music.  


Our program is centered on musical literacy through the learning of instruments and singing techniques.  Students learn a variety of worship songs both traditional hymns and modern worship literature.  These songs are used as students worship and lead at our weekly chapel service.  Students are also given the opportunity to explore playing a variety of instruments at different grade levels.Techniques of Orff (xylophone/percussion instruments), Kodaly (learning our do, re, mi’s) as well as movement and dances are incorporated into each grade to help students develop their talents and gifts.  


Music history, including learning about genres of music and composers from the past to the present, are also presented as a way to understand the craft of composition and career possibilities in the older grades as they explore creating. Music is a vehicle to the soul; God’s gift that meets humanity in all places.  It celebrates in joy and is a balm in sadness.


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Colleen Hartman Hartman, Colleen Music Teacher