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Why Trinity?

Trinity Christian school is made up of a diverse student body, and we welcome families from many congregations across Cheshire County and beyond. We are also delighted to welcome students and families who may not share the Christian faith, but who value what our school has to offer. 

  • Academic excellence: Trinity has high academic standards and a rigorous curriculum that help prepare its students for success in high school and beyond.
  • Values-based education: We provide an education that is based on integrity, respect, and responsibility, and we hold our students accountable for their learning.
  • Safe and supportive environment: Trinity provides a safe and supportive learning environment where bullying and negative behaviors are not tolerated, and where students feel valued and respected.
  • Community: We have a close-knit community where students, teachers, and families share common values and beliefs. This creates a positive and supportive learning environment for our for students, as well as our faculty and staff.
  • Extracurricular activities: Trinity currently offers extracurricular activities, such as soccer, basketball, NHDI Week, Ski Club, and various interest-based activities. We are always looking to add activities to meet the needs and interests of our students; we believe that this works to foster confidence, build community, and bring joy to the students, staff, and volunteers who make these activities happen.
  • Retain a connection to broader opportunities: According to New Hampshire state law, Trinity students are able to be involved in sports and other activities offered by the public school system. This means that joining Trinity doesn't mean losing connection to sports programs your student may already be involved in. N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง193:1-c

NLSA Accreditation

Trinity Christian School has been accredited through the National Lutheran Schools Association since 2012. What does this mean for you and your child?


National Reputation for Fostering Education

Trinity is part of a larger body of Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod schools that serve children in early childhood programs through grade 12 in over 1,900 schools nationwide and 3 schools internationally. Additionally, 9 colleges and universities operate to serve post secondary and graduate students across the nation.  

The Pursuit of Excellence
In a Christ-centered religiously integrated curriculum Lutheran schools meet or exceed state standards for high quality schools. Through National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA) schools complete a rigorous self-study, are reviewed by a team of peers and implement initiatives that provide a continuing program of excellence for students.

Care for the Whole Child

Caring, Christian teachers share the Word of God daily with children and families. Strengthening a home, school and church partnership, through an education of the whole child, students are prepared and equipped for a life of Christian citizenship and discipleship.