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Let's Get Started!

The admissions process here, from inquiry to enrollment, is designed to help us get to know you and your child. We want you to have opportunities to feel comfortable with our facilities, our staff, and the Christ-centered, hands-on approach you will find at Trinity Christian School.


Before you begin the inquiry process, be aware of the following policies:


To enroll in preschool, a child must be 3 years of age or older by September 30th. They must also be independent in their use of the toilet.*

To enroll in kindergarten, a child must be 5 years of age or older by September 30th. 


*Independently toilet trained means that that the child has the awareness to use the bathroom without reminders, be able to clothe without help, and wipe or clean themselves appropriately to maintain clean hygiene.


Enrollment for the new school year begins in February each year; however, we do accept students throughout the school year as capacity permits. 



Steps to Enrollment

The first step of the application process begins with you! As you seek to learn more about Trinity Christian School, please complete our Interest form.  If you have any questions, please contact our office by email at or by phone at 603-352-9403. 

 TCS Inquiry Form

Once we have had a chance to connect with you, we will have one parent or guardian complete the interest form if you haven't done so already. We will also schedule your visit for a personal tour of the campus to learn more about your family and our community.

Schedule a Tour

Once you have had your campus visit and admissions interview, you will receive a link that will allow you to create an online account through FACTS. This will provide you access to our online application and give you an opportunity to upload important application documents such as birth certificates, school records, and other documents as needed. The online portal will also allow you to pay our $20 application fee.

  • Please let the office know if your child has any academic accommodations (including any IEP or 504 plans) when submitting their school records.
  • For students entering K-8th grade, we will schedule a time for your student to complete our admissions assessment (Pearson WRAT5).
  • For grades 6-8, we will also schedule a principal interview along with an optional shadow day to experience a day as a Trinity Falcon!

Once your online application and assessment are complete and paperwork has been received, our admissions committee will review all of the information and make a decision regarding acceptance. You will be contacted with the decision and, if accepted, you will receive a link to enroll online.

Once you've been accepted, you will receive a link to enroll online. At this step, you will also set up your Tuition Management account to pay the enrollment fee, as well as choose your tuition payment schedule. 

Due to the incredible generosity of some friends of Trinity Christian School, we are blessed with an amazing tuition assistance fund! 


To apply for tuition assistance, we kindly ask you do the following:


Apply for the New Hampshire Freedom Account. The State of New Hampshire created the new Education Freedom Accounts (EFA) program to help expand educational opportunities for New Hampshire children. Eligible New Hampshire families earning up to 300% of the poverty line (as of the 2022-2023 school year) can direct part of their child’s state education funding to pay for tuition at the school of their choice (like Trinity), among other educational expenses.  Applications are managed by the NH Children's Scholarship Fund and are accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis. The typical amount received is $3,400.  For details and to apply:

New Hampshire Freedom Account Information & Application


Apply for the Educational Tax Credit. To qualify, you must be a New Hampshire resident and have a child between the ages of 5 and 20 who has not graduated from high school and entering Kindergarten or 1st grade for the first time OR entering 2nd-12th grades and coming from a public school. For further details and to apply:

 New Hampshire Educational Tax Credit Information & Application


Apply for tuition assistance through FACTS. You will need your most recent tax return to complete the process.

*Please note that you will not be eligible for a financial aid package from Trinity until your student is accepted and enrolled. 

 FACTS Financial Aid Portal